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As far as names go, we needed Moore


Deluged as we are with news these days, many people (me included) have to skim some Post articles for quick updates, and thus might have to return to the beginning of the article to see who or what is being referred to.

Unfortunat­ely, in the Aug. 19 Metro article “Hogan calls Cox, the Republican nominee for governor, mentally unstable,” readers are never meant to know who is the terrible monster that Maryland GOP gubernator­ial nominee Dan Cox agreed is part of the campaign “between freedom and a socialist-communist politics that has driven the people of this state to the ground.” I have reread the article twice line by line and I could only find this creature referred to as “Moore.” Anyone not familiar with Maryland politics would never guess it was Wes Moore, the state’s Democratic nominee for governor. Maybe better let us know who he is in case this dangerous man turns up in our backyard.

Marla Minnicino, Leesburg

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