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No ‘Snows of Kilimanjar­o’ to speak of


I was most intrigued to read that Tanzania is installing internet service on Mount Kilimanjar­o, as reported in the Aug. 22 news article “Internet coverage hits snows of Kilimanjar­o,” but the headline is out of date.

The iconic “Snows of Kilimanjar­o” pretty much no longer exist. A Google Earth image of the peak, made in March 2019, shows almost no snow left. Thank you, climate change.

I climbed it (with friends) in 1967. On our climb, we hit snow below 18,000 feet, about 1,000 feet below the summit. The last 1,000 feet were on what skiers call “corn snow,” which is quite easy to walk on. Today the entire climb would be on rocks.

Richard Larkin, Vienna

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