The Washington Post

More than just a stretch


Republican­s are generating the “fears” described in the Aug. 21 news article “GOP sees fears of IRS overreach as winning issue” by lying to people about the purpose, intent and scope of the Internal Revenue Service funding. And the most this article was willing to say is that Republican members have “stretched the truth” about what the funding would do.

“Stretched the truth”? How can it be that The Post continues, after six years of increasing­ly hostile efforts by Republican­s to destabiliz­e this country and create an autocracy, to report on their efforts as if they are merely one side of a fair game of persuading voters, when that side is clearly and continuall­y lying about everything? The headline of that article should have been, “GOP lying to voters about IRS funding.”

If the free press doesn’t use the freedom it has in this democratic society to actively and vigorously maintain that democracy, it surely will not have those freedoms for much longer. Please, stop equivocati­ng and call it like it is!

Adam Bodner, Takoma Park

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