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A little light reading


The Post has had many articles about former president Donald Trump’s cache of secret papers. Readers might have wondered why he kept these documents. But the Aug. 27 front-page article “Affidavit details search’s origins” included the best answer from former Trump administra­tion official Kash Patel. The article reported that “Patel claimed in an interview . . . that Trump had declassifi­ed sets of material before leaving the White House that he ‘ thought the American public should have the right to read themselves.’ ”

So, the former president thought “the American public should have the right to read” reports on spies and secret informers, and on how the United States’ intercepti­on of foreign leaders’ secret messages worked. Isn’t that what Mr. Patel said? That would be exciting, if we could keep it just to ourselves.

Edward Stern, Bethesda

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