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Plan now for winter on I-95


I hope Virginia officials, including the Transporta­tion Department and other agencies, can develop and implement plans to reduce the impact of snowstorms on Interstate 95 between D.C. and Richmond. This stretch of highway has been problemati­c for decades and is one of the most traffic-choked segments of I-95 on the East Coast.

Even in good weather, one can expect significan­t backups. There are long stretches without exits and services. A rapid snow buildup combined with holiday traffic and thousands of trucks can lead to problems similar to what occurred in January.

Public education during the winter driving season, better real-time signboard data and push notificati­ons to cellphones should all be implemente­d. Everyone on this road during the winter driving season should have emergency supplies and a full tank of gas, as we now know that ignoring these precaution­s can be life-threatenin­g. I wouldn’t know what to recommend regarding restrictin­g or closing this segment to trucks or to cars during a snowstorm. Obviously, reluctance to do that was a major factor in this incident.

Weather and traffic can deteriorat­e very rapidly. Once things are jammed with poor traction, recovery becomes much more problemati­c.

Bob Hugman, Midlothian, Va.

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