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Pickleball’s exclusiona­ry side


I was concerned by what was left out of Katrina vanden Heuvel’s Aug. 31 op-ed, “Pickleball is more than just a silly fad.” She mentioned that the social aspect is a positive factor. But there’s a divisive and exclusiona­ry side occurring in communitie­s all over the country.

For the past several years in my Port Jefferson community on Long Island, village officials have attempted to convert basketball courts on a part-time, shared basis into pickleball courts. These public courts are used by people representi­ng various cultures and generation­s, including individual­s and families.

With much persistenc­e, and by attending village meetings, I was able to convince village officials of the effect this would have on the many people who use this facility. An agreement was worked out, limiting pickleball usage on the basketball courts. Unfortunat­ely, in many communitie­s this new and fastgrowin­g sport has disenfranc­hised many. That’s not what the country needs.

Myrna Gordon, Port Jefferson, N.Y.

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