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The PGA should be thankful


Regarding the Aug. 28 Sports article “PGA Tour takes steps to combat LIV threat”:

Like the price of Gamestop shares in early 2021, the value of a PGA Tour card has just gone through the roof. And it’s all because of those supposedly dreadful folks at LIV Golf.

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the likes of Thomas Friedman, who called LIV “a classic case of idiotic ‘sportswash­ing’ by the Saudis, with help from some soulless profession­al golfers,” and the estimable Sally Jenkins, who called LIV players “dealbreake­rs who do exactly as they please for profit,” it took the PGA Tour only a few months to find millions of extra cash in the drawer to expand massively tournament purses and announce a major overhaul of the tour schedule designed to retain elite players.

And if that weren’t enough, Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy announced the formation of TGL, a high-tech new golf league in partnershi­p with — get this — the PGA Tour. TGL will showcase team matches involving 18 tour players in exhibition matches that pair advanced technology with live action, all in a custom-built venue. Lest anyone forget, it was only this past June when, speaking with CBS’S Jim Nantz, PGA Tour Commission­er Jay Monahan derided the LIV tour as a “series of exhibition matches against the same people.”

PGA Tour players should be cheering their colleagues who have migrated to LIV Golf and thanking Greg Norman for his efforts. The PGA Tour, whatever it looks like in five years, has been radically transforme­d by LIV Golf, likely for the better.

Paul Rankin, Annapolis

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