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Pay rises for more domestic workers

- — Bloomberg News

More U.S. domestic workers are making at least $15 an hour, but the share who say they can’t make housing payments or afford food has held steady, a survey released Tuesday found.

A new report from NDWA Labs, the research wing of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, found that on average, 38 percent of nannies, home-care workers and houseclean­ers are bringing in at least $15 an hour for their work, up from 30 percent earlier in the year.

Still, amid record inflation, over 40 percent of respondent­s said they couldn’t make their rent or mortgage payments, and 78 percent said they couldn’t or didn’t know if they would be able to pay for food in the next two weeks — figures that held steady from previous surveys. The advocacy group gathered about 14,000 surveys from Spanish-speaking members between April and August.

Pre-pandemic, the NDWA estimates that up to 45 percent of domestic workers were earning at least $15 an hour.

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