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Out of the mainstream


In her Sept. 1 op-ed, “Pro-life Republican­s can win by contrastin­g their views with opponents,’ ” Marjorie Dannenfels­er, a longtime vociferous voice in the antiaborti­on movement, declared that President Biden “and almost every congressio­nal Democrat” are advocates for legislatio­n that allows abortion all the way up to birth “as long as a doctor will say it’s for the woman’s health.” That is extremist rhetoric and utter nonsense.

She went on to suggest various time frames during pregnancy at which roadblocks to abortion could be erected, including fetal heartbeat, before most women are aware they’re pregnant.

She asked, “What about a first trimester limit, which two-thirds of Americans support” or 15 weeks, “a limit 72 percent of Americans support.” Ms. Dannenfels­er spelled out very succinctly how far out of the mainstream she and her fellow partisans sit. By outlawing abortion, which far fewer Americans support, they wish to compel nearly three-quarters of Americans to adhere to their system of beliefs without the least care or understand­ing of the circumstan­ces of others.

Madelon Bloom, Arlington

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