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What’s next at Envigo?


We’ve all seen the heartwarmi­ng stories about the ways people have stepped in to find homes for the beagles that were rescued from that awful breeding and research facility in Virginia, including the Aug. 26 Metro article “Royal couple adopt rescue beagle.” And that’s wonderful.

However, I’m still waiting to see an in-depth article from The Post that deals with the harder questions about that situation. Is anyone from Envigo being charged? What are the names of the officers of this company? Are other divisions of Envigo still operating? Why was this facility allowed to torture animals at all, and for so long? Where are the government agencies that should have prevented this from happening? Is the state of Virginia doing anything? Does this same situation exist in Maryland or in D.C.? Are there other companies doing the same animal testing and why? Is this legitimate testing for medical purposes, or is it simply for cosmetics or some such nonsense?

The moral issues of using animals for testing for medical research should be explored, or, at the very least, the perceived justificat­ion for animal testing for makeup and hair spray should be illuminate­d.

Charles Owens, White Plains, Md.

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