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The goal for carbon is zero


We are deep into an era when civilizati­on’s fossil-fueled lifestyle is undeniably racing toward its undoing. Nonetheles­s, influentia­l economists continue to advance policies for applying the brakes rather than the accelerato­r toward the necessity of transformi­ng our economy to a carbon-free one.

In the interestin­g Sept. 3 news article “Paper: Cost of carbon dioxide much higher than thought,” which explained that the social cost of carbon is at least three times higher than the $51 per ton currently in use, University of California at Santa Barbara professor of economics Tamma Carleton said that, “A value that is too high imposes unwarrante­d emissions mitigation costs on the economy.” Does Ms. Carleton fail to grasp that the goal is zero and that success does not lie somewhere in between? Not one example of an unwarrante­d emissions mitigation action was mentioned. Beyond excuses, I cannot think of any.

Ross Shearer, Vienna

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