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A life well worked


After reading the Sept. 7 Retropolis article “Meet the centenaria­n who’s worked at the same company for 84 years,” I have one sincerely heartfelt comment: Bravo!

Although I cannot rival Walter Orthmann’s record of 84 years at the same company, I am proud to still be working as a septuagena­rian contractor for the same federal agency where I began working as a newlywed back in 1969.

As Mr. Orthmann said, “Working makes you happy and healthy. Be honest and humble. Accept the teaching of your boss and fellow workers. Try to do your best at every opportunit­y; it will be noticed.” Roger that. I am grateful to have the opportunit­y to continue to contribute to the workforce, and to work with creative young people the age of (or younger than!) my own children.

Lois A. Engel, Washington

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