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Trust in transparen­cy


The Sept. 6 news article “Kenyan Supreme Court affirms Ruto’s victory in close presidenti­al contest” reported on Kenya’s Supreme Court upholding the nation’s presidenti­al election results.

The Supreme Court worked transparen­tly, broadcast its hearings and delivered a unanimous and convincing ruling. As it did so, Kenyans remained calm and showed trust in the rule of law. Some were disappoint­ed with the judgment but respected the verdict and committed to a peaceful transition of power.

Kenya affirmed itself as a resilient democracy. It emerged from these elections even stronger and showed it can be an example to other African nations and elsewhere.

Though many in the United States are concerned by legal challenges to election results, the courts’ involvemen­t greatly benefits democracy. It can remove voters’ doubts, remedy violations, increase trust and, when needed, invalidate flawed elections and defend the integrity of the electoral process.

Jurij Toplak, New York The writer is co-editor of “The Routledge

Handbook of Election Law” and has worked on election projects worldwide.

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