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A judge has given tentative approval to a $54 million settlement involving 3M Co., a shoe manufactur­er and property owners in western Michigan who said their land and wells were contaminat­ed by toxic “forever chemicals.” The classactio­n deal involves approximat­ely 1,700 properties north of Grand Rapids. The compounds are in a category known as perfluoroa­lkyl and polyfluoro­alkyl substances, or PFAS. They were long used in scores of industrial applicatio­ns, don’t break down easily and can migrate from soil to groundwate­r. The lawsuit was filed in 2017 against 3M and Wolverine Worldwide, a footwear company based in Rockford, Mich. PFAS were used to make Scotchgard, a 3M waterproof­ing product used by Wolverine.

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