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Give King Charles a break


Monica Hesse’s gratuitous trashing in her Sept. 16 Style column of British King Charles III was in bad taste, especially as Britain and the world remember the life of his mother, Elizabeth II. Those of us living in 1997 remember well the tragic death of Princess Diana, a year after her divorce from Charles. Over the many years since her death, we have learned more than we needed to know about the details (at times lewd) attending Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’s long affair during Charles and Diana’s marriage.

Charles never exactly got a pass to marry the then-divorced Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005. But he earned his chops as Prince of Wales, learned much through his mother’s example and was one of her greatest assets. The new British monarchy will endure many challenges in the years ahead, but it’s a reasonable bet that Charles will turn out to be a fine king. Give the guy a break.

Richard W. Stinson, Bethesda

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