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Straight out of science fiction


The Sept. 11 Business article “A rural community’s cryptocurr­ency mine: Noise like a jet that ‘never leaves’ ” discussed the noise emanating from a cryptocurr­ency mine.

“Mining” cryptocurr­ency is among the most pointless, wasteful and irresponsi­ble activities humans have devised. Nothing of intrinsic value is produced, immense amounts of energy are used, and immense amounts of heat and pollution are generated. This could be the plot of a sci-fi story: An evil alien intelligen­ce devises the first bitcoin and then watches as humanity greedily destroys itself by using up all the planet’s resources generating more worthless crypto. If this sounds far-fetched, take a look at the statistics on crypto energy use. Something very bad has been unleashed; no wonder the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (presumed creator of bitcoin) wants to remain anonymous.

Eric Wenocur, Olney

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