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We all own this problem


I enjoyed Michele L. Norris’s Sept. 18 Sunday Opinion column on the flights of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, “Here is what Desantis and Abbott don’t understand about America.” If Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’s (R) goal with this stunt was to get attention, he succeeded. Initial reactions from those of us in “sanctuary” states and cities are to revile against inhumane acts of using innocent people as political pawns and determine whether laws were broken.

We must also recognize that illegal immigratio­n into this country is not borne equally by all states. We here in Massachuse­tts pride ourselves in welcoming immigrants, but we don’t share a land border with another country, as Texas does with its 1,250-mile border with Mexico.

The federal government is responsibl­e for controllin­g border security, but it has achieved little success over the decades. Republican­s favor stronger security measures (such as a wall), and Democrats focus on a path to citizenshi­p for those here without legal status. Both perspectiv­es must be considered as part of a viable solution.

The federal government needs to acknowledg­e this problem. Vice President Harris recently made the claim on NBC’S “Meet the Press” that our “border is secure.” No one believes this. Any solution will require compromise, but we first need to acknowledg­e that we — all of us — own this problem.

David B. Weden, Dover, Mass.

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