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A Retropolis article in the Feb. 27 Metro section, about former president Jimmy Carter’s mother, incorrectl­y said Lillian Carter worked as a housekeepe­r to the Kappa Alpha fraternity at Auburn University. She was the fraternity’s housemothe­r.

A Feb. 26 A-section article about the East Palestine, Ohio, derailment incorrectl­y said hotbox detectors measure temperatur­e by shooting an infrared beam into bearings on the axles of train cars as they pass over. They detect infrared emissions from the wheel bearings.

A Feb. 26 Metro article about the end of the Virginia General Assembly session incorrectl­y said the state Senate had balked at including discrimina­tion in a bill that prohibits employers from using nondisclos­ure agreements or nondispara­gement clauses to prevent people from speaking up about sexual harassment. Republican­s in the House had objected to the language.

A Feb. 24 Metro article and headline about the nomination of Lt. Col. Roland Butler as superinten­dent of the Maryland State Police incorrectl­y said he was acting superinten­dent upon his nomination to lead the agency. In November, Gov. Larry Hogan selected Butler as acting superinten­dent effective Jan. 1, but he retired before he could take on that post.

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