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Delta pilots approve benchmark contract


Pilots at Delta Air Lines have ratified a new contract that includes over $7 billion in cumulative increases in pay and benefits over four years and is widely expected to be a benchmark for contract negotiatio­ns at rival carriers.

The Air Line Pilots Associatio­n (ALPA), which represents Delta’s pilots, said on Wednesday that 78 percent of the carrier’s pilots voted in favor of the contract.

Both American Airlines and United Airlines have promised an “industry-leading” contract to their pilots. As a result, their pilots say that any proposal seen as inferior to Delta’s will probably have no takers.

“Delta has raised the bar,” said Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for American’s pilots union. “Repairing a pilot’s work-life balance and the scheduling practices under which they are flying are the core issues along with the compensati­on.”

Delta’s new contract provides a 34 percent cumulative pay increase, a lump-sum one-time payment, reduced health insurance premiums and improvemen­ts in holiday pay, vacation, company contributi­ons to 401(k) and work rules.

It will cover 15,000 Delta pilots and come into effect on Thursday, ALPA said.

United’s pilots have been conducting informatio­nal pickets to express frustratio­n over delays in contract negotiatio­ns. American pilots, who received their last pay increase in 2019, have also been protesting for a new contract.

The new contract showcases the bargaining power pilots are enjoying as carriers rush to staff up to keep up with travel demand.

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