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We keep more Americans safe online than anyone else


For over 20 years, we’ve been protecting Americans from cybersecur­ity threats. From phishing protection­s to safeguardi­ng the websites of news outlets and human rights organizati­ons, we’re building advanced technology that raises the bar for the entire industry and makes the whole internet safer for everyone. 2-Step Verificati­on was built to secure your account, and we’ve turned it on by default for 150 million people.

Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology was built to block risky sites, protecting over 5 billion devices every day.

Gmail phishing protection­s were built to stop 100 million phishing emails every day.

Project Shield was built to defend news and human rights organizati­ons from digital attacks in over 100 countries.

Our Advanced Protection Program was built to protect high-risk users from highly targeted attacks.

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