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House ethics panel opens probe of Santos

- — Amy B Wang and Azi Paybarah

A House ethics panel will investigat­e Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who has admitted to fabricatin­g large swaths of his biography and who has been accused of breaking campaign finance laws.

According to a statement Thursday from House Ethics Committee leaders, its members voted unanimousl­y to establish an investigat­ive subcommitt­ee to look into a litany of claims about the freshman congressma­n, including about his past business practices, campaign finance expenditur­es and an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Rep. David Joyce (R- Ohio) will serve as chair of the investigat­ive subcommitt­ee, and Rep. Susan Wild (Pa.) will serve as its ranking Democrat. The other two members of the investigat­ive subcommitt­ee are Reps. John Rutherford (R-fla.) and Glenn Ivey (D-MD.).

When asked for comment, a spokespers­on for Santos referred to a message posted on the congressma­n’s verified Twitter account, which said that Santos “is fully cooperatin­g” with the investigat­ion.

Santos, 34, who was elected in November, faces multiple local, state and federal investigat­ions following the reports of falsehoods and fabricatio­ns.

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