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Target all federal workers


It’s odd that Republican­s are complainin­g about difficulti­es when trying to fire federal workers “who don’t do the things they’re supposed to do,” as Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) is quoted as saying in the Feb. 28 front-page article “GOP targets federal workers.”

During my time in the federal bureaucrac­y, it was certainly possible to terminate the employment of new hires who were found to have lied on their résumés or in their job interviews and did not actually have required qualificat­ions. Yet Republican­s in the House don’t seem to be able to eject their federal-worker colleague, Rep. George Santos (N.Y.), from either the House or the Republican Party for lying to his constituen­ts about his qualificat­ions and being elected to office based on these false claims.

Many other Republican­s in the House and Senate have yet to be fired from their political party or office for lying about who won the 2020 elections and failing to “support and defend the Constituti­on of the United States,” as they formally swore to do to qualify to hold office.

So, I hope the new GOP effort to get rid of federal workers who fail to do what they’re supposed to do will extend equally, if not more strictly, to those federal workers who serve in Congress. Eric Lindblom, Takoma Park

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