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Clean energy’s real cost


The Feb. 25 Metro article “Virginia is set to rein in utility” noted that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) has said “his primary concern is that policies enacted by Democrats in recent years are pushing Dominion to convert to renewable energy — such as wind and solar — on an aggressive timetable, driving up rates for customers.”

Forbes recently reported that of the 210 U.S. coal plants it investigat­ed, 209 of them would be less expensive to run if their generation capacity were replaced with renewables such as solar or wind power. A transition from coal to clean energy across the country was estimated to be worth $589 billion.

Dominion Energy is in the process of closing its coal facilities. The company is also building a huge offshore wind farm that will eventually power more than 650,000 Virginia homes with clean power.

The governor should do some research before he starts blaming Democrats for high electricit­y rates.

Earle Mitchell, Springfiel­d The writer is a member

of the Sierra Club.

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