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Covid investigat­ion needed


Leana S. Wen was right in her Feb. 28 op-ed, “We are asking the wrong question about the origins of covid,” that we should do our best to reduce both zoonotic and laboratory sources of future pandemics. She also correctly noted that China has actively obstructed the covid-19 origin investigat­ion.

People around the world deserve a thorough investigat­ion into the origins of the coronaviru­s. Much can be investigat­ed even without China’s cooperatio­n. We need an informed public discussion about risky experiment­s and methods such as gain-of-function research. If viruses are made and they are leaked, the entire world could be catastroph­ically affected. These policy issues affect the public; they can’t be decided only by scientists.

We are a better country when partisansh­ip and politiciza­tion do not distort public health questions, and when we can admit our own mistakes.

Jianli Yang, Washington The writer is founder and president of Citizen Power Initiative­s for China.

Austin Lin, New York The writer is a bio-scientist at the State University of New York.

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