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When generalizi­ng, broader evidence is typically required

- James Vanderzon, Chevy Chase

Hugh Hewitt’s Feb. 14 Tuesday Opinion column, “Is the FBI targeting traditiona­l Catholics?,” was based on his sole experience and that of people he knows. He found “laughable” the FBI memo warning “of extremists being drawn into ‘radical-traditiona­list’ Roman Catholic organizati­ons known primarily for their love of the Latin Mass and the relatively few churches where it is celebrated.”

Along the same lines, I was an altar boy for five years and was never molested, so pedophilia did not exist in the Catholic Church. I was also a Boy Scout for five years and had a great experience. Hence, no pedophilia there as well. My daughters, 21 and 19, have never been raped, so young women their age do not experience sexual assault.

Hewitt provided readers basically no insight.

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