The Washington Post

Please provide bios on those writing op-eds

- R.V. Arnaudo, Falls Church

I wish The Post would return to the days when it properly identified Opinion page writers.

On the Feb. 13 op-ed page, for example, there were no biographie­s for any of the writers. I think I recognize the name of E. J. Dionne Jr. [“Democrats look to the new (old) class politics”], who is a well-known op-ed writer, but who are Heather Long [“The economy is almost too good to be true”], Lizette Alvarez [“The elderly are scam targets. My family learned too late.”] and Keith B. Richburg [“What Hong Kong can’t disguise”]? A line or two telling me who the person is and, therefore, why I should read the column would be helpful: “Mr. X is a lobbyist for the oil industry” or “Ms. Z is an inmate in San Quentin.”

I was taught to know who is writing a piece before reading. Why else would I pay attention to what writers are advising me on?

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