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Farewell to the English major


Regarding the Feb. 25 Metro article “Marymount votes to cut many liberal arts majors”:

Marymount University’s dismantlin­g of programs in economics and English was a startling revelation for my husband and me since we both made a living from those fields. My husband went on to earn a law degree, MBA and CPA, and retired from the House Judiciary Committee as a staffer. I taught high school English for 34 years in Montgomery County Public Schools. These majors gave us good middle-class careers and a comfortabl­e retirement, but now we learn that those fields are not considered “fulfilling, in-demand careers of the future,” as stated by Marymount University.

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota is also phasing out liberal arts majors such as English, and I’m sure it is only a matter of time before larger universiti­es nationwide follow suit. Never before have I thought our skill sets were worthless, irrelevant and antiquated.

Kathy A. Megyeri, Les L. Megyeri, Washington

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