The Washington Post

Fighter jets are not a priority


The Feb. 28 editorial, “Facing a long war, Ukraine needs Western fighter jets,” overstated the impact that providing F-16s would have in the war against Russia and understate­s the risks that sending these weapons to Kyiv would create.

The Post’s claim that the jets could “help deter further Russian aggression” is absurd when combined with the condition that the editorial also endorses, namely, “that Ukraine will not use them to attack targets in Russian territory,” given that the deaths of thousands of Russian soldiers have failed to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the conflict. And if a rogue Ukrainian pilot ignored this condition and attacked targets across the border, the crisis could escalate.

Washington and the rest of the West should continue to arm Ukraine with basics such as ammunition in an attempt to keep the Russian war of aggression contained.

Such a policy might feel frustratin­g but remains the prudent one for President Biden and like-minded allies to follow. Mark S. Sternman, Somerville, Mass.

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