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Air force reservists to protest Netanyahu


Dozens of Israeli air force reservists said Sunday they would not turn up for a training day in protest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms, a jolt for a country whose melting-pot military is meant to be apolitical.

As Israel’s strategic arm, the air force has traditiona­lly relied on reservists in wartime and requires crews who have been discharged to train regularly to maintain readiness. But in a letter circulated in local media, 37 pilots and navigators from an F-15 squadron said they would skip drills scheduled for Wednesday and instead “devote our time to dialog and reflection for the sake of democracy and national unity.”

The religious-nationalis­t government seeks changes that include curbs on the Supreme Court, which it accuses of overreach. Critics worry that Netanyahu — who is on trial on graft charges he denies — wants excessive power over the judiciary.

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