The Washington Post

Disturbanc­es in D.C. housing


The Feb. 25 editorial “These tenants deserve better” was a big help to tenants all over D.C. and bodes well for the future.

The question now is: What will the District of Columbia Housing Authority and the management companies do about the existing problems their policies have created? These problems include various disturbanc­es from residents, insecure entryways and a general lack of building security in expensive upper Northwest D.C. rental housing buildings.

The city’s voucher program to provide housing for low-income or previously homeless people is a great, well-intentione­d idea, supported by tenant leaders across the city — but its implementa­tion has been a disaster.

All rental tenants, including those holding vouchers, deserve a quiet, safe and healthy living environmen­t. Thank you for your editorial and articles that have shed light on a serious citywide problem.

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