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Edits to books are common

- Michael Daly, New York

Regarding Megan Mcardle’s Feb. 24 op-ed “It’s wrong to rewrite Roald Dahl’s children’s books”:

I do not pretend to know whether edits to Roald Dahl’s books are prudent or how they will be regarded by future generation­s. What I wonder, though, is whether Ms. Mcardle’s outrage over the edits to Dahl’s books extends to every new translatio­n of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s literature? What about every new translatio­n of the Bible? Translatio­n inevitably alters an author’s words.

How many columns has Ms. Mcardle written about the widespread movement to restrict library materials, especially those dealing with race, sexuality or gender? Because that’s actual government censorship that will negatively affect many, not merely a business decision by a copyright holder. My point is not to engage in whatabouti­sm, but to pose the question: Is Ms. Mcardle’s outrage genuine, or is it merely performati­ve?

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