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Man tries to open jet’s door, attacks crew

- — Ian Duncan

Federal authoritie­s said a man tried to open an emergency exit door during a cross-country United Airlines flight Sunday before attempting to stab a flight attendant with a broken spoon.

Francisco Severo Torres, 33, was charged in federal court in Boston on Monday with interferin­g with a flight crew using a dangerous weapon.

Torres was a passenger onboard United Flight 2609 from Los Angeles to Boston. As the flight approached its destinatio­n, federal prosecutor­s said, the crew received an alarm indicating one of the doors on the plane had been disarmed. A flight attendant went to investigat­e and found the door handle was about a quarter of the way open.

Another flight attendant thought Torres might have tampered with the door, prosecutor­s said. The crew confronted him and flight attendants determined Torres posed a danger, authoritie­s said.

Torres got out of his seat and went to one of the plane’s galleys, according to prosecutor­s. He mouthed something the flight attendants couldn’t hear before thrusting at one of their necks with the broken spoon. Prosecutor­s said passengers helped the crew to restrain Torres, who was taken into custody when the plane landed in Boston.

Torres, of Leominster, Mass., had an initial appearance before a judge Monday and remains in custody pending another hearing.

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