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Protests intensify over election results


Thousands of opposition supporters demonstrat­ed Monday against the results of Nigeria’s presidenti­al election, as calls for a revote intensifie­d.

Dressed in black and holding signs, the protesters — led by candidate Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, who finished second behind Bola Tinubu of the All Progressiv­es Congress — marched to the headquarte­rs of Nigeria’s electoral body in the capital, Abuja, and blocked the entrance as they demanded that authoritie­s hold a new election under better conditions.

At least five political parties are challengin­g last month’s vote, alleging that delays in uploading results from Nigeria’s 177,000 polling stations could have allowed vote tampering. They also allege that some voters were intimidate­d and that others were barred from voting.

Some observers also have criticized the conduct of the election. The U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, said Sunday that the vote process failed to meet Nigerians’ expectatio­ns after years of improvemen­t in the quality of elections, and she called on the country’s electoral commission to address challenges promptly ahead of gubernator­ial elections on Saturday.

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