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‘Product of USA’ rule to be tightened


Meat, poultry or eggs labeled as a U.S. product must come from animals raised and slaughtere­d within the country under a rule proposed by the Biden administra­tion on Monday, in a victory for U.S. ranchers who had lobbied for the change.

Existing rules for the label permit its use for meat derived from animals that were born and raised abroad and only processed in the United States, which the nation’s farmers and ranchers had argued disadvanta­ged domestic producers.

The administra­tion and the U.S. Department of Agricultur­e (USDA) pledged to review the “Product of USA” and “Made in the USA” label standards for meat early last year as part of a broader strategy to encourage competitio­n in the economy as a whole and in the highly consolidat­ed meat sector.

Groups representi­ng farmers and ranchers cheered the announceme­nt.

“If it says ‘Made in the USA,’ then it should be from cattle that have only known USA soil. Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from, full stop,” U.S. Cattlemen’s Associatio­n president Justin Tupper said in a statement. The group had petitioned the USDA to update its labeling.

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