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Nuclear power is safe


The Feb. 26 Business article “Smaller, Safer, Cheaper?” was a welcome exploratio­n of current thoughts on a nuclearpow­ered future based on small modular nuclear power reactors.

But traditiona­l, large reactor power plants are safe and reliable. Operating plants are in locations selected to protect against physical disruption by seismic or human action, provide sufficient water access for alternativ­e cooling and to support demand for large amounts of electrical power from urban centers and industrial complexes.

They use nuclear fuel efficientl­y and are manned by ample teams of trained profession­als. Not all of this can be said with a future solely based on small modular reactors (SMRS). As the article pointed out, wide use of SMRS implies hundreds of such plants in many communitie­s.

For an environmen­tally sound future, the government should clear the way to a nuclear-powered future and revisit bad decisions made long ago in failing to clear the way for nuclear fuel recycling capacities and well-designed operating nuclear waste storage facilities. This way private industry can confidentl­y build and maintain nuclear power plants — both traditiona­l large plants and SMRS.

John J. Kohout III, Williamsbu­rg

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