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Sudan general says military leaders clinging to power:


A powerful paramilita­ry commander Tuesday slammed Sudan’s ruling generals, saying they oppose stepping down to allow for a democratic transition under a civilian administra­tion. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, commander of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces, said his conflict with other military leaders, which has become public in recent weeks, is centered on the issue of handing over power to civilians. “We are against those who stand against (handing over power to a civilian government),” he told RSF troops at a military base in the capital of Khartoum. “We are against anyone who wants to be a dictator.” Sudan was plunged into chaos after a military coup removed a Western-backed government in October 2021, stalling its shortlived transition to democracy after nearly three decades of autocratic rule under President Omar Hassan al-bashir. The coup came more than two years after a popular uprising forced the removal of Bashir and his Islamist government in April 2019.

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