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An admission of failure


Having retired from the federal inspector general community, I am acutely aware of the multiple recommenda­tions that government agencies do not implement to prevent fraud. Congress and the White House constantly push out emergency funds without requiring proper due diligence and oversight. The only conclusion that taxpayers can reach is that the fiduciary duty expected of government officials and politician­s is repeatedly ignored.

The proposal of an additional $1.6 billion by President Biden toward catching the criminals, as reported in the March 3 news article “Biden proposes $1.6 billion to combat covid relief fraud,” is an admission that proper oversight of taxpayer money has failed. I suggest that the government officials and politician­s who refuse to take proper precaution­ary steps to limit exposure to fraud be held accountabl­e. Americans are charitable but have lost patience with such incompeten­ce.

Michael P. Stephens, Woodbridge

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