The Washington Post

Give Ukraine more weapons

- Steven Ross,

Regarding the March 7 front-page article “Russians ‘ thrown like meat’ into Bakhmut battle”:

As human bodies pile up in Bakhmut, Ukraine, weakening Ukraine, we must wonder how many Ukrainian lives would have been saved, or even if perhaps Ukraine would have won the war by now, if the Biden administra­tion had not dragged its feet and Republican obstructor­s had not objected to giving the Ukrainians the weapons they need to win.

Wagner’s prison recruits from Russia should have been overwhelme­d, wiped out and completely defeated by an air war. Let’s stop wasting time, money, property and so many lives by dawdling and dragging out the process of giving Ukrainians the air and land weapons they need to win.

President Biden, you have been told this by many people for months. Give the Ukrainians the weapons now. The weapons are necessary to bring about the unconditio­nal surrender of Russia, which is the only solution to Russia’s war against Ukraine, liberty, democracy, human rights, decency and the rule of law.

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