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Is the U.S. prepared for war?


Kudos for the March 7 editorial “The U.S. ‘arsenal of democracy’ is critical to Ukraine’s fate.” Yes, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a threat and will not stop with Ukraine. But this editorial brought up another concern that needs to be addressed.

Assuredly, those fighting for Ukraine do not consider this war to be a limited conflict. In the bigger scope, this is a limited theater of war. Yet, according to the editorial, 40 percent of the U.S. stockpile of Javelin antitank missiles has already been sent to Ukraine.

Does that not point out that planning by the Pentagon could be out of kilter with reality for future conflicts? This is after only one year of war. Where else is the United States finding that stores of battle materiel are dwindling?

The editorial said it would take several years to replace the Javelins. That should never be the case — for Javelins or anything else. We can’t be in positions where one year of conflict requires multiple years of replacemen­t.

Patrick Walsh, Linthicum

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