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Trampling democracy in D.C.


By what unilateral authority does D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) claim the right to “withdraw” from congressio­nal considerat­ion D.C.’S crime bill, which survived a mayoral veto with a 12-1 vote [“Crime code bill for D.C. in limbo,” front page, March 7]?

After all, many council members, statehood activists and even the mayor have criticized as undemocrat­ic Congress’s possible willingnes­s to disregard the will of D.C. voters. But now that both chambers of Congress and the president have made clear their intent to exercise federal authority to nix the local legislatio­n, Mr. Mendelson shows his own disregard for D.C. voters’ supposed will without so much as an emergency council vote.

Thus, it would seem some politician­s’ and activists’ often loudly voiced concerns about purported assaults on democracy are not hard and fast. They’re more fluid and ultimately dependent on circumstan­ces.

Darren Mckinney, Washington

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