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The man behind the plan


In his March 5 Metro column, “The crowning shapes of Dulles’s radar tower,” John Kelly responded to a question from a reader about the restoratio­n of the dome atop the radar (the “radome”) on the original air traffic control tower at Dulles Internatio­nal Airport. Mr. Kelly provided a detailed explanatio­n for how and why the original radome was removed and then eventually replaced, but he never answered the question asked: Who was responsibl­e for the effort to restore the tower to its intended aesthetic design?

Though I’m sure many people played a role, most of the credit goes to Henry Ward, who has served as the historic preservati­on coordinato­r for the Metropolit­an Washington Airports Authority for more than 30 years. He has been responsibl­e for identifyin­g and protecting the historic features of MWAA’S properties, from the Abingdon Plantation archaeolog­ical site at Reagan National Airport to the iconic jet age design of Dulles. It is Mr. Ward to whom the letter writer — and all — owes thanks.

Katherine Andrus, Annandale

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