The Washington Post

Where in the world are the maps?


Thanks for the Feb. 24 front-page article “Climate puts prized winter tradition on thin ice.” However, who knows where Fairlee, Vt., or Lake Morey is? Upstate? Downstate? Twenty minutes from Hanover doesn’t help. Where is Hanover, N.H.? How about a map?

The lack of a map is an egregious omission that The Post also applied in the print edition to the Oct. 23 front-page article on the Australian Outback, “Can Australia tame its remote Outback Way?” Where exactly in the Outback?

The Post needs to include maps in the print edition, not just in the online article, to help readers orient themselves better to the world. All of these words about a place that you don’t know or only vaguely might know can be frustratin­g.

Nancy Shiner, Washington

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