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The Post should go cold Turkey


The United Nations agreed to honor the request of the country formerly known as Turkey to change the spelling to Türkiye. The State Department also agreed to do so in “formal and diplomatic contexts.”

When will The Post recognize the nation’s preferred name?

Vincent Keipper, Concord, N.C.

Thanks for the well-illustrate­d and informativ­e Feb. 25 news article “An ancient Turkish city rocked to its foundation­s: Antakya goes dark and empties after the quakes.” The authors rightly refer to the city as “a cradle of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history.” Readers perhaps would have grasped the city’s historical significan­ce more quickly if the authors had only called the city by its well-known ancient name: Antioch. This once-flourishin­g city was home to many Roman and Byzantine notables. St. Luke the Evangelist lived there. St. John Chrysostom was born there.

Michael Rae, Potomac

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