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Christiani­ty is not bigotry


Kate Cohen’s March 7 op-ed, “Bigotry that comes from the pulpit is still bigotry,” made me both yawn and cry. Yawn, because the charge of “bigotry” is so frequently leveled against those supporting traditiona­l Christian beliefs. If you disagree with or fail to affirm certain LGBTQ practices, you are a bigot. Cry, because those same beliefs are fundamenta­l to social cohesion amid our current epidemics of crime, suicide and drug addiction.

Christian belief encourages a loving family structure, yet if you state every child deserves a mother and a father, you are a bigot. I respect all my fellow American brothers and sisters as individual­s, but I also reserve the right to disagree with them on some issues without being labeled a bigot. Henry J. Kenny, Mclean

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