The Washington Post

Cool, gray day upsets streak of warmth


Amid the warmth of a curiously pleasant winter, Friday almost seemed out of place; a cool, gray intruder from a climate and latitude of dampness and drizzle.

With a high of 47 degrees, the day became Washington’s coolest this month, and a reminder that even in a winter such as this, not every day will follow the script or stay on message.

Through Thursday, March temperatur­es have been about 5 degrees warmer than average. January temperatur­es were about 7.7 degrees above average, and February mercury readings clocked in about 6.6 degrees above average.

But Friday seemed to have the look and feel of a day that, usually, would not seem out of place in any wintry month or perhaps in a village on the breezy shore of a cold sea.

Gray and damp at 10 a.m., it proved grayer, mistier and wetter at 6 p.m. And at those hours, and all the hours in between, the mercury remained in the 40s.

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