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Mr. Boeheim deserved better


Regarding John Feinstein’s March 9 Sports column, “Boeheim deserved right to exit on his terms”:

I don’t think Syracuse University “owed” basketball coach Jim Boeheim the chance to coach for as long as he wanted. Indeed, Mr. Boeheim was owed something, just not the opportunit­y to coach Syracuse basketball forever.

For many reasons, it was time for him to leave. But a coach who won the secondmost games in NCAA history, led his school to a national championsh­ip, earned the university literally millions of dollars, sent dozens of players to the NBA and even had the Syracuse University basketball court named after him deserved a more gracious exit. I am sad today, not only for the coach leaving, but also for the way the university handled his departure. Bill Becker, Selbyville, Del.

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