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Activists call slow response ‘deadly’ in capsizing off Libya:


An activist network that supports rescue operations in the Mediterran­ean Sea is accusing Italy of failing to offer timely assistance to a smugglers’ boat in distress, resulting in a shipwreck that left at least 30 migrants missing and presumed dead. Seventeen survivors were rescued in an operation about 100 miles off the Libyan coast Sunday partially coordinate­d by the Italian Coast Guard. Alarm Phone, which notifies authoritie­s of migrants in need of rescue, said it had notified Italian, Libyan and Maltese authoritie­s of the boat’s location and emphasized that it was in danger due to high waves. It claimed that the migrants died due to “deadly non-assistance by the Italian authoritie­s,” noting that the same boat was spotted nine hours later by another group that operates surveillan­ce flights.

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