The Washington Post

Climate change is not a plot


On Page A8 of The Post’s March 9 edition, we learned that Greenland’s temperatur­es are up to 50 degrees above normal [“Greenland temperatur­es rise up to 50 degrees over normal, setting records”]. On Page A18, “Storm-hit California faces new atmospheri­c river, with rising flood danger” reminded us of the record snowfall in the state and the consequent danger of flooding. Yet, on Page A17, “Delay of offshore oil leasing plan sparks outrage from Manchin” told readers that Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.VA.) accused the Biden administra­tion of “putting their radical climate agenda ahead of our nation’s energy security.” There is nothing “radical” about addressing climate change. These historic storms, tornadoes and hurricanes cause deaths and millions of dollars in damages. They, too, threaten our national security.

Climate change is not a left-wing theory. It is just science. Will the deniers continue to ignore the signs even after the oceans rise, our cities are underwater and our farmland is desert? Jill Mcgowan, Silver Spring

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