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President floats fentanyl ban


Mexico’s president called antidrug policies in the United States a failure Wednesday and proposed a ban on using fentanyl in medicine — even though little of the drug crosses from hospitals into the illegal market.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has grappled in recent days with the issue of fentanyl, which has become a major security concern. López Obrador has denied that Mexico produces fentanyl, which causes about 70,000 U.S. overdose deaths per year.

U.S. authoritie­s estimate that most illegal fentanyl is produced in clandestin­e Mexican labs using Chinese precursor chemicals.

Relatively little of the illegal market comes from diverting medicinal fentanyl used as anesthesia in surgeries and other procedures.

But López Obrador said he would ask doctors and experts whether all use of fentanyl by doctors could be ended, as well, to reduce illicit use.

“We are also going to ask that medical use be ended in the United States, as well,” López Obrador said.

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