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If you’re looking to add a gnome — or another whimsical figure — to your garden, try one of these options.

• Geometric gnome ($151.01 for a set of three, platodesig­nshop on These modern-minded, faceted fellows can be tucked into corners and beside plantings.

• Rocker gnome ($50.11, Sewasgarte­nzwerge on Full of fab flair and gleaming with purple glitter paint, this groovy little dude rocks harder than Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. l Ziggy the garden gnome ($154.95, Weighing 75 pounds and measuring 29 inches tall, this oversize gnome works well as dashing decor or a doorstop.

• Purple mushroom ($44.99, Teresascer­amics on Gnomes and shrooms go together like leprechaun­s and pots of gold, so pair this funky fungus with your chillest gnomie.

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